1 perm.
hacerse la permanente to have a perm
2 permanent, perm, permanent wave.
* * *
1 permanent, lasting
nombre femenino
1 (del pelo) permanent wave
se ha hecho la permanente she's had her hair permed
servicio permanente 24-hour service
* * *
* * *
ADJ [gen] permanent; (=constante) constant; [color] fast; [comisión] standing
SF [en pelo] permanent wave, perm *

hacerse una permanente — to have one's hair permed

* * *
adjetivo permanent

servicio permanente de información — 24-hour information service

1) (en el pelo) perm

hacerse la permanente — to have one's hair permed, to have a perm

2) (Col) (juzgado) emergency court (for cases of violent crime)
* * *
adjetivo permanent

servicio permanente de información — 24-hour information service

1) (en el pelo) perm

hacerse la permanente — to have one's hair permed, to have a perm

2) (Col) (juzgado) emergency court (for cases of violent crime)
* * *
1 = permanent wave.

Ex: The domains covered in the performance tests for the area of cosmetology were: hair cut, permanent wave, shampooing, wigs and hairpieces, skin care, hair conditioners (scalp and treatment), and manicuring.

2 = lingering, perennial, permanent, lasting, enduring, non-volatile [nonvolatile], abiding, standing, enduringly + Adjetivo, continuing, ongoing [on-going].

Ex: Another lingering misconception is that reference work is restricted to reference libraries.

Ex: Housing has become a perennial problem in Britain.
Ex: Abstracts planned primarily as alerting devices may be shorter than those abstracts which are to be stored for permanent reference.
Ex: Only as his experience grew did this young man see that what he did was littered as much, if not more, with failure as it was crowned with success of a lasting kind.
Ex: Archives are set of non-current archival documents preserved, with or without selection, by those responsible for their creation or by their successors for their own use or by other organizations because of their enduring value.
Ex: A data warehouse is a subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant, nonvolatile collection of data in support of management's decision making process.
Ex: The revision and correction of reference works is an abiding concern to the librarian and the user.
Ex: A standing reproach to all librarians is the non-user.
Ex: Thus we need money, intellectual property agreements, and library collaborations to build the massive and accessible collections of enduringly valuable cultural resources that I am proposing.
Ex: They are likely to influence the future function of DC, and the way in which the scheme will evolve, but since there will be a continuing need for shelf arrangement, DC will remain necessary.
Ex: This study has many implications for an ongoing COMARC effort beyond the present pilot project because it is evident that a very small number of libraries can furnish machine-readable records with full LC/MARC encoding.
* conferencia permanente = standing conference.
* decisión permanente = permanent arrangement.
* hacer permanente = render + permanent.
* más permanente = longer-lasting.
* orden permanente de pago = standing account.
* papel permanente = durable paper.
* primer molar permanente = first molar.
* PURL (Localizador Uniforme Permanente de Recursos) = PURL (Persistent Uniform Resource Locator).
* ser algo permanente = be here to stay.
* servicio de actualización permanente = current awareness, current-awareness service.

* * *
servicio permanente de información 24-hour information service
una amenaza permanente a permanent o constant threat
permanente3 f A. (↑ permanente (3))
A (en el pelo) perm
hacerse la permanente to have one's hair permed, to have a perm
B (Col) (juzgado) emergency court (for cases of violent crime)
* * *

permanente adjetivo
■ sustantivo femenino
1 (en el pelo) perm;
hacerse la permanente to have one's hair permed, to have a perm

2 (Col) (juzgado) emergency court (for cases of violent crime)
I adjetivo permanent, constant
II f (en peluquería) perm
hacerse la permanente, to have a perm
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* * *
comisión permanente standing committee
hacerse la permanente to have a perm
Méx perm;
hacerse el permanente to have a perm
* * *
I adj permanent
II f o Méx
m (moldeado) perm
* * *
permanente adj
1) : permanent
2) : constant
permanentemente adv
permanente nf
: permanent (wave)
* * *
permanente1 adj permanent
permanente2 n perm
hacerte la permanente to have your hair permed

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